Talks from the HEART

Your chance to be an active participant at HEART 2022

Do you think of yourself as creative? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to make your voice heard?
Then presenting at HEART 2022’s Pecha Kucha might just be the best opportunity for you!

What is Pecha Kucha?

A format in which you talk about a topic while presenting 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. See the official PechaKucha website for more information. 

What you need to do:

Submit a video (20*20= 6 mins 40 seconds) of you presenting your chosen topic by April 17th (via e-mail to

What are the prizes?

Free participation to HEART 2022 for accepted presenters and the chance to have the whole audience including internationally acclaimed speakers listen to what you have to say. After presenting, the selected winner will get free participation to HEART 2023.


Ethics: Friend or foe in research? 

“Great power comes with great responsibility” one would say.Therefore, in healthcare, the development of new treatments, technologies and drugs needed to be looked upon before usage in the population. Ethical rules and standards had to be implied, or else, what would’ve happened? 

Can you find the fine red thread between ethical barriers and research opportunities and the development of new medical procedures and drugs?

Is it worth wondering if settling too many ethical rules will rule out the possibility of developing any new technologies in healthcare!

Teamwork: annoying or the best thing there is?

Since the beginning of time, human species understood that survival is reached only by working together. Thus we constructed  great civilizations mainly through helping each other and giving our best!

But doesn’t everybody have difficulties working together with stubborn people or with whom they can’t possibly communicate? And what about teamwork in healthcare? Did Hippocrates develop such an outstanding school in Cos just by facilitating the best teamwork between his students, his patients, and his doctors? 

It’s up to you to delve into the many facets of teamwork and its key role!

Life, Here and Beyond?

As we find our way through the Galaxy as species, people are working to colonize Mars until 2050. Is a great endeavor to be a multiplanetary species but there is a key issue: we couldn’t find life other than the one on Earth. But what if we are able to produce life outside our Green Planet? 

In this topic we invite you to discover the great history of technological revolutions of fertilization in space, transportable and resistant human germinative cells and, why not, the possibility of giving birth to a healthy child on the Earth’s orbit in the near future. 

But what are the risks? Are we prepared as medical specialists for “extraterrestrial” new-borns? 

Innovations inspired by nature 

It is worth telling that, in most of the times, nature phenomena and mechanisms were the triggering factor for technological development and, why not, for medical improvement in societies from old times until present ones.

But when did civilizations envision the possibility of developing new medical technologies only by observing and interacting with nature? 

Today we challenge you to research the possibility of developing new technologies inspired by physiological processes that happen in animals, humans and plants, to save nature and human species, or at least improve healthcare without endangering nature and its living inhabitants! 

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