Prof Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya

Military Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon
Royal Airforce Wing Commander

In the span of their career, every doctor has been faced with tough decisions regarding which lives they can save and which they cannot. There are multiple guidelines on triage to make the decisions more bearable to make, however, it is still a strenuous process for all medical professionals.


Prof Wg Cdr Ankur Pandya brings stories of the most unsettling realities of our time: conflict zones and underprivileged communities around the globe, of places where it is crucial for a plastic surgeon to think on his feet and make use of scarce resources.


Our speaker will highlight how triage is a high-pressure and high-tension process. All humans including doctors have inbuilt biases that lead to human factor understanding. But do these biases affect the outcome of triage decisions? Prof Wg Cdr Pandya’s talk will explore the interaction between ethics, human factors, and their impact on triage.


Prof. Pandya, Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, is an experienced, award-winning Military Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Southampton University School of Medicine and at Portsmouth University. He has been on over 47 international humanitarian missions with organizations like Operation Smile and four wartime deployments. We kindly invite you to find out more about his work at