Cornel Amariei

CEO & Founder at .lumen-Empowering the Blind

”I believe in building things that help. I believe in making meaning, not money.” – Cornel Amariei

Cornel Amariei’s speech will embark on a journey through the corridors of medical innovation, tracing his path from humble beginnings to global recognition. From crafting his first robot in high school to being honoured as the first Romanian laureate of the Global Business Hall of Fame, Cornel’s narrative illustrates the transformative power of ingenuity and perseverance in shaping the future of medicine. Our speaker will explain how his love for programming, discovered at the young age of 7, empowered him to become an entrepreneur and an inventor. The forefront of his talk will be his idea of using technology to aid the blind navigate our world, which is achieved through his startup, .lumen.

Cornel was born in a family of people with disabilities. Growing up in such an environment allowed him to understand the role of assistive technology. The idea that launched his success, of ”glasses for the blind”, sparked for the first time during his studies in Germany at Constructor University, Bremen. Cornel was known for operating as Head of Innovation in one of the largest Automotive companies in the world.

The work he achieves through .lumen underscores his commitment to harnessing innovation for social good, amplifying the heartbeat of change in the lives of the visually impaired. As a Forbes 30 Under 30 EU awardee and one of JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, his journey is an inspiration to all aspiring innovators.

Join us as we unravel the chain reaction of innovation with Cornel Amariei, where every heartbeat of inspiration ignites a spark of possibility.