Last Year's Edition

Recent times remind us that in any profession, humanity comes first.

As healthcare professionals, we grow by constantly interacting with our colleagues and patients. Connection gives us a powerful voice and propels scientific advances. But does it make us lose or find ourselves? 

How do you stay in touch with the ‘me’ - your sense of purpose and ambition - in order to best contribute to the ‘we’ - the teamwork that is standard patient care?

We invite you to explore how we make sense of the way we work together to best serve our patients at HEART 2022 on May 5-8th!


The Multidisciplinary Team in Oncolgy

*Romanian-language session
"Cancer" - probably the diagnosis that patients fear the most, and at the same time the one where it makes the most difference to have an efficient team, in which your oncologist, radiotherapist, surgeon, genetician and nurses manage the disease and make decisions together to improve the quality of life.

If you ever wondered what a stepwise, integrated approach to an oncological case should be, what it's like to have the life of such patients in your hands, and how it feels to be able to help them, join us on May 5th, for our panel discussion, where we will tackle the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer, together with doctors from three different specialties.
From the importance of collaborating in multi-specialty teams, to showing empathy and providing comfort, guidance and transparency to our patient, our speakers will cover essential topics regarding best patient care, both from a medical and a human point of view.


Maximilian Vlad Muntean, MD, PhD
Plastic Surgery Reconstructive Microsurgery, "Prof. Dr. I. Chiricuță” Institute of Oncology

Martin Daniela, MD, PhD
“Prof. Dr.I. Chiricuţă" Oncology Institute Radiotherapy Department, Coordinator of the Radiotherapy Laboratory

Pârvu Lidia, MD
Specialist in Medical Oncology-Senology, “Prof. Dr.I. Chiricuţă" Oncology Institute and Centromed Oncosan Specialist

Burnout and bullying in the medical world

*Romanian-language session
Your work environment can greatly influence how you feel about your job and this applies in the medical field as well. Having good working practices, being in a suportive atmosphere, staff and management trusting each other; these are the most important things we need to be productive in our workplace.

So, what can we do in order to achieve these goals and how can we change the actual status of the healtchare work environment?

Our guests are able to answer all these questions and, moreover, to give us a glimpse on what a healthy workspace should look like. If you're interested in what you should expect from your workplace and what could be expected from you in order to create a positive atmosphere at the hospital, clinic or lab, join us and our three panelists for this plenary session on May 5th.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lazăr Călin MD, PhD
Pediatrics Clinic 1, UMF Cluj
Associate Prof. Dr. Elena Predescu MD, PhD
Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic, UMF Cluj
Psychotherapist Ovidiu Berar
Founder of the programme Psy4Life