Mircea Stoian

Manager of Mioveni Hospital

To provide the best standard of care for its patients a medical system has to be well-funded and based on solid principles. Unfortunately, that was not always the case for our country. We have faced many adversities: economic crises, demographic decline, medical personnel migration and to top it all off: the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Mircea Stoian’s talk will focus on how the Mioveni City Hospital managed to overcome the current limitations of Romania’s medical system while also touching on how vulnerable we have been when presented with a challenge as big as the pandemic. His talk will also highlight what should be learned from these past shortcomings and how we can be better prepared for the future to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Dr.Stoian graduated from the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest in 2014 and completed his Ph.D. studies in 2020 at the same institution, specializing in Medical Imaging Radiology – Infectious Diseases. He is proud of his origins in Argeș county Romania and that he is an alumnus of the “Zinca Golescu” National College. Throughout his career, Dr. Mircea Stoian focused on making presumptive diagnoses as certain as possible. Our speaker considers that we are experiencing an exponential evolution of imaging techniques and their incorporation into a diagnostic algorithm as a usual practice. He believes that in the next decades, these examinations will become indispensable for every medical decision and increasingly sophisticated while being greatly aided by artificial intelligence.

Our speaker has vast professional experience, having worked in numerous hospitals, both in Bucharest and in Argeș county. He is proud to have played a part in the development of Mioveni Hospital, one of the few medical facilities founded in Romania in the past 30 years, first as the head of the Radiology and Medical Imaging Department and now as the hospital’s manager.