Doctors in Digital Age:
Leveraging Social Media for Medical Education

*Romanian-language session

In this time and age, nobody goes to their doctor’s appointment without having self-diagnosed themselves on Google first. Not only does this ‘practice’ make physicians’ job harder, since they have to fight their patients’ misconceptions, but it can also be potentially dangerous for the patients, who lack the medical knowledge and expertise required to distinguish between ‘good and bad’ when it comes to healthcare information.

Our guests, Tamara Cheșcheș and Alex Lupoi, have chosen to fight fire with fire by using the online environment as a means to combat medical myths and misconceptions through knowledge and factuality. They will be joining us for this HEART edition to share their perspectives on the role that doctors play in the content-creation industry, as well as how important online medical education is, and give us a glimpse into how social media exposure has changed their professional and personal lives.

If you are curious to find out more about the impact that doctors can have in the never-ending information flow that social media is and how you can make a difference yourself, join us and our special guests for an engaging plenary discussion!


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Alex Lupoi

Hey there, my name is Alex Lupoi, I am a plastic surgery resident doctor and "Mr. Dr. from TikTok". For the past three years, I've been creating online content focused mainly on "medical education" while trying to debunk nonsense.Lately, I've been aiming to teach people about what they can do to avoid ending up at our hospital and how they should take care of their mental health.I try to convey to my younger and older colleagues that they should take care of themselves first, and, very importantly, learn how to say NO. Remember, the world we live in is constantly changing, and it's ok to be who you are. Don't be afraid to express yourself online if you have something to say!


Tamara Cheșcheș​

Hello everyone! My name is Tamara Cheșcheș, I am a resident doctor specializing in pediatric oncology and hematology and I have been active online for over three years. I have created a beautiful community, primarily consisting of students and residents in the medical field from most cities in Romania, without whom I would not be able to do what I do. My main interest is sharing information, encouraging my colleagues to work as a team, and, relatively recently, raising money to pay for the treatment of children whose families can't afford it.

Deciding your medical path:
How to Choose and Succeed

*Romanian-language session

"Do what you love and you won't have to work a day in your life"- more likely than not, you've found this quote brilliant and inspiring at some point in your life. But is your heart's desire all you need to consider when choosing your medical specialty? If not, what are some other things you should reflect upon? And when you finally seal the deal, how do you know you made the right decision? Is there no turning back if it turns out you didn't? It's normal to encounter those dilemmas, just remember that you're not alone.

Our guests are prepared to answer all those questions and offer valuable insight stemming from their own personal experiences. Moreover, they will discuss topics such as dealing with an unpleasant work environment, as well as strategies for coping with the hectic lifestyle of a resident, and offer general well-being advice.

If you are inclined to see medical residency as a journey that requires a one-way ticket bought long in advance, we warmly invite you to join us and our guests for an eye-opening plenary discussion, which will help you see those career paths don't have to be carved in stone!


Călin Lazăr, MD PhD


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Flavius Coșer, MD



Mădălina Coșer, MD PhD Stud.


George Ungureanu

George Ungureanu, MD PhD



Remus Babici, MD

Intensive Care Unit


Dan Gheban, MD PhD



Diana Miclea, MD PhD

Medical Genetics

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Ioan Mureșan, MD

Family Medicine