HEART is about us, students. As such, PechaKucha is our proposal for you to let your voice be heard.

PechaKucha is a presentation style which was introduced to the HEART conference during the 4th edition, in 2017. Each presentation consists of 20 slides which are shown for 20 seconds each. Last year’s topics were diverse, focusing on education and medicine: “No WE in Medicine – or is there?”, “MY working space – a love/hate relationship”, “The empathy in ME”.

We encourage YOU to apply with a presentation and become an active participant at HEART 2019. 

Be creative. Make it personal. Share your experience.

This year’s topics will be announced soon!

How to build YOUR PechaKucha presentation

  • The official language of the conference is English.
  • A Pecha Kucha presentation consists of a flow of 20 representative images (1 image/slide) for each part of your speech, and you have 20 seconds for each slide.
  • 20 x 20 = a 6 minutes and 40 seconds long presentation
  • You may send as many presentations as you wish.
  • Make your talk slightly personal and share your own experience, with ups and downs.

This year, you can choose to present on one of the topics below:

  1. Overcoming stress: As medical students, we often encounter stress and it affects not only our mental health, but also the way we work and live. So how do we cope with it? We would love to hear more about how stress influenced you and what methods you chose to turn it into vital energy. Moreover, you can share some studying tips and tricks with us if you want, since we are all struggling on this long journey of achieving knowledge.
  2. Med school figured outWe entered the medical world hopeful about the possibilities unfolding before our mind’s eye, and, of course, each of us went about exploring this uncharted territory with a set of preconceived notions as to what awaited us. With every year of study bringing new wisdom and perspectives, how do you tell yourself that this is the same dream you had at the end of high school? Be it the quality of lectures, the reality of lab work or clinic hours, the doctor-patient relationship or the stress management skills you expected to acquire, but never did, what we want from YOU is to step forward and undertake a “Myth vs. Reality” challenge regarding what you imagined and what you are experiencing.
  3. Body language: We don’t study it in school and even though there are some lectures about it, we do it intuitively. But sometimes, the essential might escape our untrained eyes and minds, that often turn to books, exams and forget the essential: the human we treat. So that is why we would like to hear more about the “hidden messages” of a patient’s body language. We encourage you to explore this topic not only from a daily life point-of-view, but also as a means to create a better, genuine connection with our patients.

Before April 11st (extended deadline): Send us a video of yourself alone – preferably of good quality, presenting your Pecha Kucha, with the presentation slides visible at the same time. Our email is

After April 13th: The most innovative/meaningful/impressive presentations will be selected for an interview which will consist of presenting your work in front of the selecting team (HEART organisers). The best 6 performances (2 for each topic) will be selected for coaching sessions before being presented at the conference.

Accepted presenters will be granted an active participant diploma, as well as free attendance of the conference!

       We wish you inspiration and look forward to meeting you!

          The H.E.A.R.T. team