Samuel Webster

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy & Embriology
Swansea University, Wales

I’m still studying, and either you find more anatomy the more you study, or I’m forgetting it almost as fast as I study it.” -Dr. Samuel Webster

We are thrilled to invite Dr. Samuel Webster, our friendly YouTube teacher, to explore the influence mentors have on our future careers. His speech titled “Teaching between the lines” will explore pivotal questions such as “How do our experiences of learning affect us as future teachers?”, “What happens when students fail?” and “What do graduated doctors think about their medical school experiences?”.

Dr. Samuel Webster’s background exemplifies the Heart of education – the transformative power of dedicated mentors. Guided by his biology teacher, he pursued an Anatomical Sciences BSc course, beginning his journey into proper science. This path led him to earn a PhD in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, focusing on cartilage biology research and eventually teaching Anatomy & Embryology, at Swansea University, Wales.

He furthers this mission by extending his courses to a broader, international audience through his YouTube channel, his motto being “Let me show you what you’re made of!”. As he gracefully intertwines his journey with the broader discourse on pedagogy, Dr. Webster reveals how the circle of knowledge completes itself and reminds us that the learning process is a perpetual chain reaction of discovery and growth.


Join us at the H.E.A.R.T. conference to hear Dr. Samuel Webster’s insights and be part of the chain reaction that fuels passion and ignites minds.