Stylianos Antonarakis

DSc Professor Emeritus of Genetic Medicine,
University of Geneva Medical School
Former Department Chairman and Institute Director Member
Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences

The human genome is said to be the alphabet of life. It serves as a fundamental resource for understanding both health and disease.

We are enthusiastic to invite Prof. Dr. Stylianos Antonarakis to unravel the genome’s complexities in his speech titled ”Unlocking the Human Genome: Insights into Health and Disease”. His expertise promises to enhance our grasp of human biology, pinpoint disease susceptibility factors, and pioneer novel healthcare strategies.

Prof. Dr. Antonarakis is a prominent figure in the field of genetics and medical research. Having received his medical degree from the University of Athens, he later pursued further studies in human genetics, at Johns Hopkins University. He spent 5 years as the president of the Human Genome Organisation, cultivating his passion to promote genetics to a worldwide extent. Presently, he is a Professor of Genetic Medicine and Development at the University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland.

Dr. Antonarakis is known for his significant contributions to understanding the genetic basis of various diseases. As the co-author of more than 620 papers, his research has focused on the molecular genetics of Down syndrome and Mendelian disorders, aiming to uncover the underlying genetic mechanisms, new diagnostic methods, and potential therapeutic approaches. Our speaker was honoured in 2019 with the “William Allan Award” of the American Society of Human Genetics. Additionally, he is the originator of World Down Syndrome Day.

Join us at the H.E.A.R.T. conference to hear Dr. Antonarakis and kick-start a chain reaction of genetic and educational growth.