About HEART 2020

October 22th-25th

Healthcare, Education and Research Talks is the medical conference for students and medical professionals, born six years ago and home-grown in Cluj-Napoca.
We blend science and technology with passion and practice, focused on developing the young medical community here, as well as connecting with the latest international progress in our field.

We believe that we should not be mere Actors in our own medical education, but create for ourselves the opportunities that formal education does not offer. That is, we innovate to become the Directors of our own medical education.
Join our community of upbeat-thinking students and doctors in order to find the inspiration and the means to get from point A – your wish, aspiration, vision – to point B, which is making it into reality. All for the Audience of your film – the patients.

Stay tuned for announcements of this year’s topics and speakers, as well as other suprises that we are preparing for you!




over 2000 participants



over 60 speakers





Thank you all for the 2019 edition!
It was magnificent because of you and we hope to see again in 2020!

Created by hearty students from Cluj-Napoca, Romania